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Walker P.A.T. Tape (18 yds)

Retail Price: $29.99

Walker P.A.T. Tape for permanent attachment bonding of hair replacement systems is designed specifically for the permanent attachment method. One side has adhesive and attaches to the base. The other side (no adhesive) goes next to the head. Most cynoacrylates bond permanently to the non-adhesive side. At re-attachment time, the tape can be removed quickly and cleanly from the base.

  • Estimated 2 to 6 weeks hold

1 Box, 3/4 inches x 18 yards

  • Place support tape on front of hair unit.
  • Remove liner from P.A.T. Tape and secure to hair system around the perimeter.
  • Before securing P.A.T. Tape with permanent bonding adhesive position hair system to ensure perfect alignment.
  • Securely press the front of the unit in place with the supprot tape and pull up the back of the hair system to expose P.A.T. Tape.
  • Apply permanent bonding adhesive to P.A.T. Tape.
  • Carefully roll hair system back, aligning perfectly, press and hold for approximately 2 minutes applying equal pressure around the entire perimeter of hair system.
  • Before styling, check the bond perimeter for any gaps and spot bond if necessary.


  • Manufactured by: Walker

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