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Natural Hue Invisi-Bond Adhesive (Light Brown 2 oz)

Retail Price: $18.99

Invisi-Bond's Dark Brown lace wig adhesive provides a long-term hold, comfortably and safely. Invisi-Bond is so safe it is used by the government of Sweden to archive their historical documents. Invisi-Bond does not have any caustic chemicals or petroleum based solvents - dries fast and clear leaving a VERY aggressive water-proof hold to any lace wig or thin skin wig base material.

Use Invisi-Bond for applying attachments to the skin, or for scrapbooking. Invisi-Bond can be misted through a spray pump or brushed. As an added bonus, Invisi-Bond can be dyed to any color using standard water-based dyes. It also comes in dark brown and white. This adhesive may also be used with synthetic lace wigs.

Estimated 14 to 20 day hold

2 fl oz Bottle (Color shown: Light Brown)

Directions for Extended Wear: Apply Invisi-Bond to both the skin and the hairpiece attachment. Let the Invisi-Bond dry to a clear, matte finish. Press the hairpiece attachment firmly into place over the Invisi-Bond that has already been brushed onto the skin.

Directions for Daily Wear: Apply Invisi-Bond to either the skin or the lace wig attachment, (e.g. hairpiece base). Allow Invisi-Bond to dry completely at which time it will be clear with a slight matte finish. Press the attachment into place with even, but firm pressure.

Use Pure Adhesive to remove.

Aquaeous-based acrylic PSA. Invisi-Bond does not contain petroleum solvents, or latex.

  • Manufactured by: True Tape

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You all did a wonderful job on my BEAUTIFUL swiss lace wig! I've been wearing these wigs for years and there is a quality difference. This hair is...

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