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Liqui Tape Brush On Adhesive (1/2 oz)

Retail Price: $10.99

Liqui Tape is a waterproof silicone, freon-free, medical-grade lace wig adhesive that is a great daily wear hairpiece adhesive. It is applied directly on the skin for use on full or front lace systems. Can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter, or full head bonding. It remains flexible with excellent holding power to skin and all hair systems. Product is easy to clean up using any hair, skin and lace wig adhesive solvent. Can also be used with hairpiece tape for easier clean up. This adhesive may also be used with synthetic lace wigs.

Estimated 2 to 10 day hold

1/2 (.5) fl oz Bottle with Brush Cap

Brush on skin after lace wig scalp or skin protector. Allow the adhesive to dry to tackiness. Place polyurethane wig (thin skin wig) or lace wig over adhesive location.

Aquaeous-based acrylic PSA. Invisi-Bond does not contain petroleum solvents, or latex.

  • Manufactured by: Walker

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