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When you order a custom lace front wig, full lace wig, thin skin wig, frontal or hairpiece you are ensuring a perfect fit.

There are a variety of options available. We have described in detail, every area of the custom form you will complete to design your custom lace front wig, full lace wig, thin skin wig, frontal or hairpiece.

Unfortunately, we can not modify your order once it has been submitted. Please make sure you have reviewed your form carefully before you submit it.

Additionally, if you have any questions while ordering, please contact us using this form, online support or call us at +1.866.939.WIGS (9447)/Toll Free or +1.312.939.4WIG (4944)/Local Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 9 PM CDT. We are always here to help.

Additional information may be found in our FAQ.

Wigs Cap Material
Lace and thin skin are the most undetectable material used in hairpieces these days. Once placed on your scalp, there is no discernable netting to signal that the hair on your head is not the hair you were born with. The foundation disappears as it touches your skin.

French Lace is a good choice especially for bases. It is very durable and has good disappearing qualities on the front hairline as well. It is available in transparent (flesh tone), light tan, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black colors. If matched in proper color with the own skin tone is undetectable as much as Swiss Lace.

Swiss Lace is delicate lace and can be used for the front hairline in addition to the entire base. For long term durability you may design your custom lace wig by selecting French lace with a Swiss lace front. It is available in transparent (flesh tone), light tan, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black colors.

Real Invisi™ is the thinnest and most delicate lace available. It can be used for the base of your lace wig, hairpiece or frontal or solely the front hairline. Real Invisi™ is a super fine material and is virtually invisible. For long term durability you may design your custom lace wig by selecting French or Swiss lace with a Real Invisi™ front. (As of 4-20-2009 Temporarily Unavailable)

Lace Locs is the sole designer of Real Invisi™ lace front wigs and full lace wigs. Our Real Invisi™ wigs are the sheerest wig cap available. Real Invisi™ wigs are great for photo shoots and special events. Once you go Real Invisi™, you won't go back. They are not designed for every day, continuous wear.

As with all of our wigs, Real Invisi™ wigs are made with the finest Remy hair.

Thin Skin is a very thin poly material and can be used for bases and fronts. This type of base looks very natural when hair is injected into it. Thin skin can also be used around the perimeter of lace bases so tape can be applied to it. It is very thin and is very difficult to detect it with touch.

You may select to have your wig made in one wig cap material or multiple wig cap materials. For example, some of our customers choose thin skin around the perimeter of their wig as it mimics natural skin. The remainder of their wig cap is constructed with Real Invisi™, Swiss Lace or French Lace. Other clients choose Real Invisi™ at the front of their wig cap (hairline) and French Lace throughout the remainder of their wig.

Lace or Thin Skin Color
Lace and thin skin wig cap material are manufactured in various shades to match various skin tones. Select a color that is the closest match to your skin tone. If you are unsure of which lace or thin skin color will closely match, you may want to select Transparent.

Note: Lace materials can be tinted to better match your skin tone.

Stretch Panel
Stretch panel generally ensures a perfect fit. We highly recommend new lace wig and thin skin wig wearers to design their wig with a stretch panel. Stretch panel is a safety net for when you are unsure you have measured your head correctly it allows your wig to fit. Stretch panel locations are middle of wig (crown), ear to ear (crown), or ear tabs.

Knots (Single and Double)
When hair is ventilated through a wig cap it is tied in a knot. Single knots are generally ordered for wigs that have a lighter density. Some of our customers select single knots around the hairline only as it is less detectable in comparison to double knots. However, double knots are just as undetectable. It is really a personal choice. Double knots are preferred for durability and heavy density wigs.

Bleached Knots
Bleaching knots create the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp. If you have every pulled a dark hair from the skin you will notice that the end of the hair that was closest to the scalp was lighter in color than the end of the hair furtherest from the scalp. Bleaching Knots creates this effect. If you are ordering a wig that is light in color (blonde or similar) you do not have to select Bleach Knots as the hair is already light.

We only bleach knots around the hairline (ear to ear).

All of our wigs are designed with natural hairlines. However, you may have a unique hairline (e.g. widow's peak). If you select, we will customize your lace front, full lace wig, thin skin wig, hairpiece or frontal with a widow's peak. Please keep in mind that unique hairlines may not perfectly mirror your unique hairline. If you would like an exact match, please send us a template of your hairline. This template acts as a pattern for ventilating.

Additionally, many of our customers have a head full of hair under their wig. If this describes you, you may want to add a bit to your measurements so that your wig will cover your natural hairline. Please be careful when doing this especially if you have a short forehead.

Baby Hair
We recommend designing your wig with baby hair if you are a new lace wig or thin skin wig wearer. Baby hair helps in disguising those less than perfect applications that may occur if you are new or in a rush. Additionally, hair does not grow from anyone's scalp without baby hair. The hair closest to the hairline is always the shortest. This should help you understand the purpose of baby hair.

Hair Density
Our density chart gives great detail in various density levels. Naturally growing hair grows differently for every person. Hair can grow thin (light) around the perimeter (hairline) and thick (medium) in the middle. Hair can also grown thick (medium) around the perimeter (hairline) and thickest (heavy) in the middle.
Most of our clients request Light to Medium or Medium. You have the flexibility of various densities in your design.


We recommend freestyle as it gives you freedom in hair styling. You may place your part anywhere you decide with the freestyle selection. If you select another options you will have less hairstyling flexibility.

Hair Texture
Remy human hair is collected directly from one hair donor. It is sometimes referred to as Cuticle & Cut Hair. The majority of human hair sold over the counter and in beauty supply stores is non-cuticle hair. This over the counter hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid-bath. Remy hair keeps the cuticle intact to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction. Remy hair is stronger and has great luster and will last longer when properly maintained.

We only makes our wigs with Remy Hair and recognize that lace wigs, hairpieces and frontals are an investment. We make only the best products for all of our customers and show you how to keep your new hair in excellent shape.

Currently we design wigs with the following hair textures:
100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair- Curly to Tightly coiled African or African American hair. Sometimes the Brazilian hair we get is very thick like African American Relaxed hair.
100% European Remy Human Hair- Silky Hair, Not suited for most ethnicities.
100% Indian Remy Human Hair- Mimics fine African American relaxed hair.
100% Malaysian Remy Human Hair- Mimics medium to thick African American relaxed hair.

Hair Style
Currently we design wigs in the following hair styles:

You may find greater detail of these hairstyles on this page. (A new window will open.)

Hair Length
The hair on every wig is measured from the crown to the tips of the hair. To determine where your hair will fall please measure from your hairline and continue toward your back. This will help in deciding your perfect length. We recommend ordering 2 inches longer than what you think you might need or want.

Hair Color and Highlights
Please review our color chart for a variety of color options. If you are interested in a color that is not listed, please name the color and if possible, the hair color manufacturer in the Additional Details box or upload a picture as an example. In addition, if you have a certain way you wish your highlights placed, please describe this in the Additional Details box of upload a picture as an example.

Color quality may vary depending on your monitor's resolution. Please use these colors as a guide only.

Hair Measurements

This is one of the most important areas of your custom wig order form. Accuracy is extremely important when measuring your head. If you need assistance please ask someone to help you measure. We recommend measuring your head a few times to make sure that your numbers are correct.

Please refer to our measurement page as a guide. You should print it and use it when measuring.

All wigs are designed according to your measurements. Once your order is submitted we begin crafting your wig. This is why we can not modify custom wig orders.

Remember, when in doubt, add the stretch panel.


In your custom wig excitement, do not forget essential supplies such as your glue, scalp protector, Lace Locs Release, etc.

Custom Wig Order Form


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