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Custom NaturoSynthetic Frontal Order Form (13" x 2")

Retail Price: Starting at: $83.99

*When you provide us your measurements for a custom lace front wig, full lace wig, silk top wig, thin skin wig, frontal or hairpiece you are ensuring a perfect to near perfect fit.

There are a variety of options available for crafting your custom lace wig. We have described in detail, every area of the below mentioned form you will complete to design your custom lace front wig, full lace wig, silk top wig, thin skin wig, frontal or hairpiece.


This form is for our NaturoSynthetic™ frontal. NaturoSynthethic™ frontals are not human hair but man made fibres. 

This frontal measures 13 inches x 2 inches.

NaturoSynthetic™ is our new line of 100% man made fibre, lace front wigs and lace wigs designed to mimic the feel, look and style of human hair for half the price with *Pro Heat synthetic fibres. "Synthetic hair has NEVER felt this real."

*Pro Heat (able to withstand temperatures up to 302 degrees farenheit and 150 dgrees celcius)

Preview the NaturoSynthetic™ hair color chart.

Step 1

Measure your head. You will have to enter in the measurements in the form.

How to Measure

Step 2 Complete the form in full detail. Remember to refer to the guide for help.
Step 3 Review all the options you selected.
Step 4 Add to Shopping Bag. It's that simple!
  • If you need to edit your options while in the shopping back click on "Click to Edit"
  • Please understand we are unable to modify your order once it has been submitted.
  • Please make sure you have reviewed your form carefully before finalizing your order through checkout.
  • As custom order time frames vary based on time of year, please refer to the custom order form below for up to date timeframes.
  • We recommend ordering 2 inches longer than what you think you might need or want.
  • *We manufacture based on exact customer provided measurements.  


Contact us online or by phone at +1.866.939.WIGS (9447) or +1.312.939.4WIG (4944)/Local Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 9 PM CT. We are here to help.

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  • Manufactured by: Lace Locs

Please Choose:

Please select your lace wig or thin skin wig cap color.

You may upload your photo for color match. (optional)

Bleached knots gives the appearance of hair growing from scalp.

Do you have a unique hairline?

You may upload a photo of your hairline. (optional)

How thick would you like your wig?

Would you like a part in your wig?

Please select your baby hair style.

Please select your hair origin.

Hair Origin

What is your requested hair texture?

Please select your hair style.

How long do you want your wig to be?

Select your main NaturoSynthetic color

Select your first NaturoSynthetic highlight color

Select your second NaturoSynthetic highlight color

Please select your custom order speed.

Time Frame

Want this order RUSHED?

Add RUSH under the RUSH tab.

Would you like for us to include a manual?

Will you file a medical insurance claim for reimbursement?

How would you like your package to appear?

Order Instructions (optional)

maximum characters allowed

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